Thursday, 19 December 2013

Blog 7: it's sprayed

It's sprayed DADA!!!
I'm very pleased with the overall colour, this will be drybrushed and weathered with some greens and browns, plus I'll add some timber struts here and there to break up the grey, Like so.

I've also dabbled in a couple of bridges
It's really coming together now :-)

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Blog 6: Spraying

Well, all the engraving is done and I've finished the destroyed corner 
Now I've under coated the whole thing 
( nearly) black ready for a grey/ brown spray, this will get drybrushed up with a big brush.
Really happy with the crazy paving.

You can also see that the buildings are multiplying.

Next stage soon :-)

Friday, 6 December 2013

Blog 5: Crazy paving and test buildings

Finally all the wall engravings are done, and after a whole lot of procrastination I've decided to go with paving slabs for the street levels,
 using the same technique with a dremel but more random:
This means I can start detailing streets now with piles of rubble and patches if dirt. Dead excited now!

Also during my procrastination I've built a couple of buildings.
Doing these now has helped me figure out size and shape eg: distance per floor

Plus I got one painted to test the colours, still needs a bit of weathering yet and stains but I'm happy with the colours.

This is one which will overlap the street

Till next time :-)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Blog 4: modular stairs

To break up the monotony of scoring all my wall sections, I've been playing around with some seperate pieces, these are designed to change a straight street into one with bottle necks while also adding extra detail to the overall board. 

Above and beliw are some of the buildings designed to overlap the street.
And below is the first staircase.

And below with the platform

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Blog 3, Engraving the Mdf

Blog 3
Once i had a few walls segment cut to size with my trusty jigsaw, it was time to start engraving the brick pattern. For this i use a Dremel tool with a 2mm drill bit, i run it along a steel ruler scoring lines as i go.
 Heres what it looks like without the paint.
 I placed another piece of mdf behind it creating an alcove in each wall section.
 And to break up the monotony and to add extra detail i add sewer bits.
Now this isnt for the faint hearted, there is a LOT of scoring and cutting involve but i believe it will be worth it in the end.

Blog 2, Cutting the mdf

Blog 2
So after all my doodling i bought a bunch of mdf and started with some wall sections.
Heres one of the 2x2 sections with the 3inch wall sections, this will be capped with a lid and detailed up later.

And tile number 2

Blog1, Modular Gaming board, The Beginnings!

So here is my first ever blog at the ripe old age of 38, hope it all goes groovy and most of all i hope you enjoy it.

The Beginnings:
Me and some good friends decided on starting a little Mordheim Campaign
 ( for those of you who don't know, Mordheim is a medieval gang fight game using models from the Warhammer world set in a ruined burnt out town )
I being the fool i am was more than happy to be scenery bitch, giving me an excuse to get covered in glue and mdf ( my material of choice) dust.

The board itself will be 4 lots of 2 by 2 foot tiles with 3 inch high walls, creating platforms for buildings to sit on top of.

Before i start any big project i really try to gather as much inspiration and ideas as possible, this involves usually trailing through google images and picture sights and forums, jotting down thoughts and doodling lots and lots of .......doodles.
Here's a few of the preliminary doodles:  

Paper mock up
I also had a dabble at pre planning the modular board, these are the test segments in paper. 

Google sketch up
And i also used Google sketch up to preview how the streets would work.

Next segment i start with the MDF sections.