Thursday, 19 December 2013

Blog 7: it's sprayed

It's sprayed DADA!!!
I'm very pleased with the overall colour, this will be drybrushed and weathered with some greens and browns, plus I'll add some timber struts here and there to break up the grey, Like so.

I've also dabbled in a couple of bridges
It's really coming together now :-)


  1. This looks so cool that I want to do the same.
    Do I have your agreement?
    Oh, and another question:

    I really like your work on your sceneries.
    I begin a new blog including pictures of my old and my new Mordheim table and new rules for our game club.
    I'd like to post some inspirational pictures too.
    Your work is so cool I want to share it with the visitors of my blog. Would you accept it? Of course, you'd be credited and linked!
    You can have an idea of what it look like here:

    Thank you!


  2. Just stumbled on this blog. Sad to see you stopped updating it. Would have loved to see more.