Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Blog1, Modular Gaming board, The Beginnings!

So here is my first ever blog at the ripe old age of 38, hope it all goes groovy and most of all i hope you enjoy it.

The Beginnings:
Me and some good friends decided on starting a little Mordheim Campaign
 ( for those of you who don't know, Mordheim is a medieval gang fight game using models from the Warhammer world set in a ruined burnt out town )
I being the fool i am was more than happy to be scenery bitch, giving me an excuse to get covered in glue and mdf ( my material of choice) dust.

The board itself will be 4 lots of 2 by 2 foot tiles with 3 inch high walls, creating platforms for buildings to sit on top of.

Before i start any big project i really try to gather as much inspiration and ideas as possible, this involves usually trailing through google images and picture sights and forums, jotting down thoughts and doodling lots and lots of .......doodles.
Here's a few of the preliminary doodles:  

Paper mock up
I also had a dabble at pre planning the modular board, these are the test segments in paper. 

Google sketch up
And i also used Google sketch up to preview how the streets would work.

Next segment i start with the MDF sections.

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